CollectionConnection makes publishing your collection easy! Electronic publishing combined with powerful full text search is only a few mouseclicks away. With minimal effort, your collection information can be integrated into your website, published on CD-Rom, or made available to Google.

CollectionConnection does not rely on an individual database or collection management system. CollectionConnection can use different systems and multiple data formats (for example, The Museum System, Adlib, MS-Access, SQL-server, Oracle, XML, Marc, or even MS-Word and PDF files on your harddisk). Furthermore, CollectionConnection can integrate information from different sources to one entry point, so you can publish databases that are separated throughout your organization.

The collected information can be published transparently in many ways: a website for internet; a CD-ROM to sell to your visitors; a Kiosk in your museum; Soap or COM access for programmers; plain text access for Google; OAI access for data exchange; Z39.50 access for bibliographic systems; and even distributed access for participation in a common portal.

Some more characteristics of CollectionConnection are:

CollectionConnection is compliant with many standards, for example, XML, Dublin Core, Z39.50, Soap, and OAI.
CollectionConnection can integrate collections from different sources, for example a museum collection database and a library database.
CollectionConnection provides efficient and powerful searching capabilities.
CollectionConnection has an integrated solution for images.
CollectionConnection operates completely separate from the production environment, thereby providing complete safety.